Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing, or the Toyota Production System, is responsible for great success stories for companies that have gone from a traditional production system that generates very high costs to a Lean system with better business results in terms of Quality and Delivery, with a focus on human development, improved operations with very different approaches that deliver tangible results much more successfully. At ALFRA we have improved a large number of companies working directly with their managers, developing them, and obtaining results in terms of Lean leadership, operations, and management.

Attending this course, you will learn true Lean from a wide range of tools, to the way of thinking and understanding of a Lean culture generation. You will borrow from decades of learning from the exhibitors and save at least 5 or 10 years by starting Lean with the right approach.

San Mina- GDL  Lean Office
 Hammond Power Solutions  Problem Solving
 Rockwell (Canada & Monterrey)  TPS Gemba Training
Nemak  EMDS
CEMEX TPM Mtto. Total Toyota Productive
Kimball Electronics TPS Gemba Training
Frisa Lean Office
SKF Planification and control of the production

TPS Gemba Training

 Sogefi Group  TPM Mtto.Total Toyota Productive
 Silgan- San Luis Planification and control of the production

TPM Mtto. Total Toyota Productive

TPS Gemba Training

Avanzar Interior Technologies Toyota Kata in Field
Daimler Mercedes Benz TPS Gemba Training

Toyota Kata in Field



  • Understand what Lean is, its beginnings as a philosophy and creation of systems of excellence.
  •  Learn the steps of implementing true Lean and its advantages over traditional thinking.
  •  Know and learn Lean Tools to improve Quality, Cost and Delivery.
  •  Show Lean Leadership, culture and how to make decisions for the formation of a company with these elements.


  • Companies or executives who are starting a Lean transformation.
  • Companies or executives that are starting are in the middle of a Lean transformation.
  • General Directors
  • Management
  • Operating Media Controls in Development




  • Definition of value for the complete Company.
  •  The 8 wastes of Manufacturing and Logistics processes
  •  Differences between Push and Pull systems


  • Lean Metrics for Manufacturing Processes: Inventory, Takt time, Demands, Cycle Time, Delivery Time.
  • VSM Cases for Manufacturing Processes: T-Capital & H-power
  • System Characteristics Push and Benefits of a Pull System


  • 5S and Visual Control
  • Standardized work
  • Yamazumi Charts, SIPOC
  • Kaizen System
  • Andon, Jidoka and Poka Yoke systems (Quality at source).
  • Supermarket and KanBan
  • SMED Model Quick Changes.
  • Capacity Balancing
  • Batch Size Reduction
  • Systems at point of use
  • Cellular Manufacturing
  • Heijunka Demand Load Balancing
  • Just-in- Time Philosophy and how to approach it
  • Future VSM design
  • Requirements to reach the Future State (at Process and Company level)
  • Project Selection and Work Plan (Kaizen Newspaper)
  • Simulation Session
  • Milk Run Materials Delivery System


  • The 14 Principles and 4P’s of “The Toyota Way”
  • Overview of Operational Excellence Models




Director general ALFRA Embajador Toyota Kata México Experiencia Toyota Kata Europa, Norte América y Sudamérica.

Francisco Ocejo is leading Alfra Lean Advisors a Consulting firm with over 1,500 customers companies from many countries. He also is the Vice President of Alfra Institute, a education organization to develop the top Management under a Lean MBA degree formed with Former Toyota executives and Top worldwide Management.

He has been learning, applying, and teaching the Toyota Production System in Canada, USA, Mexico, Latin America & Europe. He has taught and applied Lean from the senior management level to the operational levels closest to Gemba fro over 150 companies from international corporations, to mid-size and small family businesses from diferent industry sectors such as: Service, Logistics, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Bank, Ceramic, Education, Defense Electronic, Food & Beverage, Gas & Oil, Electric Manufacturing, and several manufacturing sectors.

Francisco is a Toyota Kata Ambassador and Pioneer to spread the Toyota Kata in Mexico, he has been applying TK with his colleague Dr. Jeff Liker ( author of the best seller the toyota Way) and many other Coaches in companies with the hieghest TPS people development.

For over 5 years he has been constantly trained by the Best Seller “Toyota Way (800 hrs),” the Ex President of JV Toyota China Mr Shingo (360 hrs), and various Toyota top Management ( + 1000 hrs).

His best expertise is in: Coaching Toyota Kata, Lean Manufacturing,Lean Office, Lean Culture and Business Transformation.

He is an Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Monterrey Technical Institute. He has taught classes for students in over 15 Universities, lecturing in various Congresses in Mexico. Certified as Black Belt Six Sigma.

He is an Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Monterrey Technical Institute. He has taught classes for students in over 15 Universities, lecturing in various Congresses in Mexico. Certified as Black Belt Six Sigma at Institution of Industrial Engineers, and the Theory of Constraints and Thinking Process at the EGADE of the Monterrey Technical Institute.

Francisco is a former Celestica leader & manager of the Lean Culture Transformation, with BlackBerry (RIM), Palm, HTC as Principals customers, with sales of over 1 billion dollars. This transformation.



Consultor Lean en ALFRA / Ha entrenado a más de 100 clientes en Lean Office, Lean Manufacturing y Toyota Kata, incluyendo Gerentes Generales.

Lidia has experience on the Toyota Way, Toyota Kata, Lean Leadership, Gemba Training for the last 2 years, she had been trained by Francisco Ocejo, Alfra Consulting Director Manager; Jeffrey Liker, author of the international best-seller The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles; Ritshuo Shingo, who is Shigeo Shingo son and was the first president of JV Toyota China in 1998; Gary Convis, who was the first not Japanese President of JV Toyota in Kentucky, and other Top Management. Lidia has trained more than 100 clients on Lean Manufacturing, including General Managers, Manufacturing engineer, Quality, Finance and Logistics. She also is Lean Office Instructor with experience on Logistics, Service company, Human Resources, Purchasing and Engineering change projects improvement. Lidia´s principal customers and trainings: – Daimler Mercedes Benz, a bus assembly division; Lean Office and Toyota Kata training where we improve the engineering change applying Lean Office, we also reduce from 8 to 4 operators on the harness operation line in 3 days. – San Mina, an Oil and Gas Company, Lean Office training and consulting, we reduce the total lead time from 10 to 5 days on the logistic chain including planning, purchasing, materials and engineering. – DeAcero, wire division and steel. She participate on the DeAcero Production System, developing a continuous improvement system for logistic, purchasing, planning, shipping and production. She has taught classes on Lean Manufacturing, Lean Logistics, Toyota Kata and Lean Office for different Universities as Tecnológico de Monterrey, UANL, UDEM, Universidad de Poza Rica, Universidad de Anáhuac, UPAEP. Continuously, she is investigating and developing material for Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office and Toyota Kata training.

Lean Manufacturing operative controls


IMA, MBA, MBB. Director División de Consultoría

Based on his broad experience, Gustavo is expert applying a suitable approach for Continuous Improvement needed on the different organizations from a Business results optic, becoming an effective Coach for Top Management and support for The Toyota Way roles. Gustavo has learned The Toyota Way directly from its Author, Dr. Jeff Liker, and has applied it on Gemba as a Team with many Executives from Toyota specialized on General Management, TPM, Lean Mfg Tools, and Supply Chain. Gustavo has taught the Toyota Production System at all organizational levels and has applied over 50 companies of different sizes: Lean Leadership Systems (Hoshin Kanri, FMDS, and 8-Step Problem Solving), Toyota Kata for development, Supply Chain Management, TPM, Lean Manufacturing tools (5S’s, SW, SMED, Jidoka, Poka Yoke, Heijunka, JIT, etc.), and Lean Office approach. On Six Sigma, Gustavo as Master Black Belt has trained and certified +500 Black Belts, Green Belts, and Yellow Belts. Gustavo has +20 years of experience on Continuous Improvement, Manufacturing, Process Engineering and Quality in large companies: Motor Wheel (Automotive), Kodak, Philips, Daltile, American Standard. He has +12 years of experience as Vice/President Staff as Continuous Improvement Director for American Standard México and Master Black Belt Champion for Daltile México. He has deployed programs that have achieved +$110 Million USD in savings with +3,000 projects on all departments: R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Quality, Logistics, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Energy. Over his 22 years experience, Gustavo has been exposed to many different organizations applying suitable Lean approaches on a variety of systems with diversity on leadership styles.



  • Coffee Break
  • Lunch
  • Manual
  • Certificate of training

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