October  07th to 09th 2020



Toyota is the highest standard when it comes to manufacturing efficiency and reduces waste in processes. During the last 20 years companies have had a lot of efforts, time and money in the transformation of Lean Production. While the efficiency of production is important, it is not the only thing. One of the keys to the success of Toyota is the role played by the Planning and Control of Production in the Organization. The section that manages the flow of customer information, suppliers, production and engineering. As Atsushi Niimi (former President of TMMNA) once said: “PPC is where the power of Toyota is.”


  • Show the functions and responsibilities of the Planning and Control of Production in a lean organization.
  • Trace the flow of information and material to create a 2-month production plan to support the shipping schedule to customers. .
  • Create a customer forecast of parts and components.
  • Create a smoothed weekly production plan that absorbs the fluctuation of orders.
  • Measure the results of our trial.


General Managers, Managers and Supervisors in the supply chain, production planning or Lean Implementation who wish to understand how to maintain a constant flow of information, while supplying the plants with materials and products just in time.


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
  • Role of Planning and Control of Production (PPC) in a Lean company
  • Actual Planning vs. Production Planning and Control (PPC)
  • Create a Production Planning group.
  • Create a Production Plan (Theory)
  • Defining the Takt Time
  • Create Production Forecast
  • Create production plan
  • Go and understand from (Gemba) when planning.
  • “Gemba Walk” production line
  • Map the current state of the production plan
  • Finished Product Value
  • Create Production Board (Maintenance Support)
  • Create Kan Ban of finished product (support to Staff)
  • Select objective of the production line
  • Create forecast of 2 months of production, 1 month in firm.
  • Create weekly plan
  • Set minimum and maximum inventory goals
  • Finished product inventory
  • Create a daily production pattern
  • Set a Kanbans board
  • Production Equipment / Distribution Training
  • Status Review
  • Obstacles and Countermeasures
  • Development of review lists
  • Assign each member to small groups of 2 or 3.
  • Process Confirmation
  • List of Problems
  • Results report
  • Report of Lessons learned
  • Create homework for the host company




15 Years Teaching Experience. ALFRA Consulting Division Director. Former American Standard. Former Daltile Master Black Belt. 22 years experience. +17 years as Global Continuous Improvement Leader..

LEAN TRANSFORMATION THE TOYOTA WAY. · SIX SIGMA MASTER BLACK BELT. · 15 YEARS OF TEACHING EXPERIENCE. Education · Bachelor of Mechanics and Administration. · MBA from UANL. · Master Black Belt certified by ITESM. Based on his broad experience, Gustavo is expert applying a suitable approach for Continuous Improvement needed on the different organizations from a Business results optic, becoming an effective Coach for Top Management and support for The Toyota Way roles. Gustavo has learned The Toyota Way directly from its Author, Dr. Jeff Liker, and has applied it on Gemba as a Team with many Executives from Toyota specialized on General Management, TPM, Lean Mfg Tools, and Supply Chain. Gustavo has taught the Toyota Production System at all organizational levels and has applied over 50 companies of different sizes: Lean Leadership Systems (Hoshin Kanri, FMDS, and 8-Step Problem Solving), Toyota Kata for development, Supply Chain Management, TPM, Lean Manufacturing tools (5S’s, SW, SMED, Jidoka, Poka Yoke, Heijunka, JIT, etc.), and Lean Office approach. On Six Sigma, Gustavo as Master Black Belt has trained and certified +500 Black Belts, Green Belts, and Yellow Belts. Gustavo has +20 years of experience on Continuous Improvement, Manufacturing, Process Engineering and Quality in large companies: Motor Wheel (Automotive), Kodak, Philips, Daltile, American Standard. He has +12 years of experience as Vice/President Staff as Continuous Improvement Director for American Standard México and Master Black Belt Champion for Daltile México. He has deployed programs that have achieved +$110 Million USD in savings with +3,000 projects on all departments: R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Quality, Logistics, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Energy. Over his 22 years experience, Gustavo has been exposed to many different organizations applying suitable Lean approaches on a variety of systems with diversity on leadership styles. Master Degree Professor at Tec Milenio and Professor at ICAMI Business School. Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma lecture in México on various Universities and Forums.



Mechanical Engineering with Mayor on Business Management. Former Toyota TABC Manager. Former ToyotaAssistant Manager of Production Control. +25 years Toyota Experience at Toyota.

+25 YEARS TOYOTA EXPERIENCE Education · Mechanical Engineering with Mayor on Business Management. Jeff Merris have worked for Toyota Motor Manufacturing for 24 years and as an independent consultant for the past 2 years. During my career I have implemented TPS (lean production) in the Automotive (Toyota), snack food, beverage and the airline industries. Primary focus has been improvement in Production Planning, Internal Logistics (conveyance), External Logistics, Manufacturing and Finance. He has experience on create 1, 3, 5 year business plan, develop Strategies to integrate current business models with new business, develop and implement internal and external logistics strategies, develop and implement cross – dock (warehouse) strategies, develop and Implement Short and Long Term Production Plans to meet customer needs, develop production plan to meet TAKT time, teach & coach Toyota Problem Solving, develop and Implement Kanban Systems(material replenishment), develop manufacturing support equipment and develop internal delivery dollies. Merris has a Mayor on Mechanical Engineering by University of Kentucky (1983-1987), Major on Business Management by Northwood University (2005-2007). He was Production Control Assistant Manager from 2005 to 2007, Assistant Manager Production Control from 1997 to 2003, and Team Leader, Production Engineer (1988-2003) – at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky.


  • Digital Manual
  • Coffee Break and food.
  • Course certificate
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