Management Role to Create a Lean Culture


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Attending this course you will achieve:

This is program is designed for Lean Leaders with positions as General Managers, Directors, and Staff who are currently supporting a Lean Transformation or Lean Culture Implementation. Cheryl Jones will share her expertise from 30 years of deep experience in Toyota and Toyota Leadership DNA as a Group Leader and Vice President of Operations within Toyota plants. Cheryl will explain how to approach and solve problems, manage your team day-to-day, lead with Lean Principles, and how to deploy a Lean Strategy with Hoshin Kanri.

Additionally, Fernando Ibañez will share his own experience in Mexican culture, how to motivate action from top management, middle management, and team member levels. Fernando is a strong Toyota Way leader who played the role of maximum authority in Mexico for different electronic companies, and he brings global experience in many countries and Top Customers worldwide. Fernando also will share his own experiences in business transformations outside Toyota, including challenges from not only cultural and leadership transformations, but also financial and operations aspects as well.


  1. Develop Cultural and Leadership Lean Skills for top management.
  2. Understand how to make decisions with Toyota first-hand experience and insight
  3. Acquire a framework or perspective on how to start or improve a business and/or operations transformation


  • General Managers, Directors, and Staff who are currently supporting a Lean Transformation


Day 1 Day 2

  • What is a lean culture
  • Managements role in implementing a lean culture

  • The role of standard work


  • Building a problem solving lean culture

  • How does leadership engage the organization in problem solving

  • Leadership’s transformation plan to implement a lean culture


  • Cheryl Jones
    Cheryl Jones Former Toyota Motors Kentucky Vice President Powertrain, HR, Administration

    Cheryl Jones has experience establishing polices and procedures for new model introductions, selection and training of new model launch team at TOYOTA ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING NORTH AMERICA in different positions (1987-2009). Jones has three months training in Japan for first Camry major model changeover, established process layout and process design for 300+ assembly processes, launch of first Camry Wagon,Solar Coupe, and Avalon, first pilot team to work with Toyota Technical Design, lead for second Assembly plant start of production to include training, process design and equipment layout.

    In 2002, Cheryl was promoted to Paint General Manager, where her main responsibilities were Paint #1 and Pint #2 manufacturing plants, maintenance, production engineering, and project teams, supervision of 800+ team members, $25 mil project to convert paint #1 from solvent borne paint to waterborne paint with cartridge.

    After that, she was responsible for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Baja California (Mexico) transfer (2005), coordination of resources from Kentucky plant to Baja plant, oversee manufacturing operations, advise/teach Toyota Production System to new members of management, coordination of work with Department Heads in Ky, report to North American headquarters on project status.

    As a Assembly General Manager in Toyota Baja California (2006), she was responsible for supervision of 2000+ team members, final vehicle manufacturing of 2000 vehicles/day. 500,000 units/year, lead for North American Assembly Shop Self Reliance team.


    The Training Certificate will be delivered 6 months after attending the course, presenting the implementation and the results obtained.

    • Training Diploma
    • Manual and teaching materials for the participants
    • Formats and implementation templates for Lean systems and tools
    • Diary
    • Schedule (We start in time)
    • Color Manual
    • Training certificate
    • Support staff in the courses

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