Taking care of those who create value for your customers

Many of us have heard and we agree with the phrase, “take care of your employees, and they will take care of your customers”.

Several companies are being recognized as good places to work, providing good benefits packages and career development, but this is mainly centered on management levels.

Yet, in many companies the value added workforce is not considered critical for the business, maybe we should add to the sentence:

“Take care of your employees, specially those who create value for your customers”The operations workers are most of the time the only who add value, they create what its being delivered to the customers, they can detect and even prevent a big problem if they are well developed, they know better the daily processes and their input is very valuable.

But how many companies really use that potential for the benefit of their employees and customers?

3 points to show respect for your people:

  1. Develop them, they will be able to perform with quality, safety and cost efficiency.
  2. Motivate and challenge them to be better and pursue more than their normal duties.
  3. After that, empower them in order to grow ownership and be able to take decisions.

Invest in your team, regardless the current state of the industry and high worker’s turnover, companies need to be prepared for these challenges, establishing systems to keep growing people and processes.

Which practices does your company perform in order to respect, challenge and grow their front line people? Please share…

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