Total Productive Maintenance

Many manufacturing companies struggle to significantly improve their plant’s safety, quality productivity and cost.

50 years ago Toyota recognized that the key to manufacturing success is when the machinery performs as expected from the design specifications.

In fact, Toyota believes that the base of  a successful production system is “Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)” Many manufacturers soon realize in their pursuit of Lean that poor productivity is their main barrier to manufacturing excellence.

This training will give participants the foundation necessary to start the first steps of the TPM implementation:


Recommended Industries

Manufacturing Companies: Automotive, Electrical/Electronic, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Printing, Plastics, among others.

Who should attend?

General Managers, Managers and Supervisors in Maintenance, Lean Managers that would like to understand the implementation of TPM


Training Lenght:

24 Hours (3 days)

Available seats

25 participants


  • The Concept of TPM – Total Productive Maintenance link to Operational Excellence
  • Understanding and Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness – Review of your current state .
  • The 6 major losses – Select a pilot area to analyze and plan for improvement
  • First Implementation steps of TPM – Developing an Implementation path for Emerson
  • Small Group Activities (Autonomous Maintenance) – Developing routines to create a preventive mindset
  • How to establish a PDCA mindset in Maintenance operations – Developing Problem Solving Capabilities for the team.
  • Training in Operation & Maintenance – Importance of assuring the knowledge across the maintenance and operations team
  • Maintenance performance Indicators – (MTTR, MTBF, Maintenance Cost….) establishing a TPM framework

Main benefits

  • Learn why TPM is at the base of Lean and how TPM gives a strong foundation for manufacturing excellence
  • Get a clear understanding on how to implement the first steps of TPM.
  • How TPM improves the teamwork of maintenance, production, engineering, and management
  • Understand simple solutions to improve machinery operation rates
  • Implement the basics of Daily Management System within Maintenance Department

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TPM Training

Jeff Strabala

Strategy & Operations Management Expert

Jeff worked for Toyota for over 21 years; his extensive experience is based in Operations Management in Toyota North America as Manager and internal consultant.

Jeff was member of the Leadership team for the launch of two “Greenfield” automotive plants and subsequent plant capacity expansions valued in $4.2 billion USD. During his tenure at Toyota, Jeff also spent 3 years of “internal consulting” with improvement projects at Toyota and Tier 1 suppliers plants adding value related to safety, visual and floor management, strategic planning, people development and financial controls.

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