The key  for real Lean Production success

One of the keys to Toyota’s success is the role that Production Planning and Control plays in the organization.

Production Planning and Control is the voice of the Customer to manufacturing and conversely it is the section that manages information flow from the Customer, Suppliers, Manufacturing and Engineering.

As Atsushi Niimi (former President of TMMNA) once said, “PPC is where the real power of Toyota is”.

Main benefits

Participants will understand the Toyota Way in:

How to create a Production Forecast

How to smooth a weekly production schedule.

How to facilitate a Production Forecast Meeting

How to adjust daily production based on Pull System.

Hands On – Gemba Workshop at Host Company

Learn to Map the entire Supply Chain
Learn to Map the entire Supply Chain

Identify & Analyze the main opportunities from the supply chain with a real value stream mapping in the host company.

Group Discussion
Group Discussion

Share experiences with supply chain professional from different industries and background.

Real Implementation
Real Implementation

The training is based in a real project environment to define a production plan and its requirements.


Recommended Industries

Manufacturing Companies: Automotive, Electrical/Electronic, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Printing, Plastics, among others.

Who should attend?

General Managers, Managers and Supervisors in Supply Chain, Production Planning or Lean Implementation that would like to understand how to maintain a consistent flow of information while supplying the plants with Just in Time product and materials.


Training Lenght:

24 Hours (3 days)

Available seats

25 participants

Host Company: BOA Below Technologies Romania

The BOA Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for flexible mechanical elements for the automotive and aerospace industry as well as for a wide range of industrial applications.

Curs Production Plan and Control
Training Dates


Arad, Romania

6, 7, 8 December 2016

About BOA Group

The headquarters is based in Stutensee, Germany. Today, the BOA Group consists of 15 subsidiaries and shareholdings in 13 countries.

The BOA Group develops, produces and distributes flexible stainless steel components for engine management, exhaust systems, fuel systems and side components for passenger cars and heavy vehicles.

BOA Romania is located in Arad. The plant started its operations in July 2014 producing metal hoses and exhaust gas recirculation pipes for the automotive industry as well as V-clamps for industrial applications.

Curs Production Plan and Control

The BOA Group develops, produces and distributes flexible stainless steel components for engine management, exhaust systems, fuel systems and side components for passenger cars and heavy vehicles.

In the industrial division, the BOA Group delivers flexible elements for applications in the Energy sector, Shipbuilding, Rail and Heavy Engine industry. Customized expansion joints are designed for Petrochemical, Chemical as well as Oil & Gas Pipelines.

Precision metal bellows and ultra clean metal hoses complete the product range and offer high tech product applications in the Vacuum, Semiconductor & Magnet Technology market.

Plant Location

Zona Industriala Nord-Vest, str. IV, Nr. 13, Arad, Romania.


Curs Production Plan and Control

Jeff Strabala

Strategy & Operations Management Expert

Jeff worked for Toyota for over 21 years; his extensive experience is based in Operations Management in Toyota North America as Manager and internal consultant.

Jeff was member of the Leadership team for the launch of two “Greenfield” automotive plants and subsequent plant capacity expansions valued in $4.2 billion USD. During his tenure at Toyota, Jeff also spent 3 years of “internal consulting” with improvement projects at Toyota and Tier 1 suppliers plants adding value related to safety, visual and floor management, strategic planning, people development and financial controls.


In this course we would like to:

  • Show the Roles and Responsibility of PPC in a lean organization.
  • Create a smoothed weekly Production Plan that will absorb order fluctuation.
  • Create a Kanban Replenishment system to drive Just in Time Production while maintaining minimum and maximum inventory levels of finished goods
  • Measure the results of our trial.

This workshop will give the participant a chance to create a Production Forecast and Firm Plan, create a weekly plan, and create a Kanban control board to regulate production (replenishment) and confirm production readiness (Man, Method, Machine and Material).

Production Planning & Control Introduction

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