“Quality is not a matter of certifications or tools, but a matter of Management

A major frustration for companies is the failure to definitely solve recurring problems,  even when implementing countermeasures, problems reappear.

This is due to POOR:

Analysis skills to breakdown the problem

Validation of factors that reproduce the problem (root cause).

Verification of actions and results

Actions to prevent future problems

Quick Response Quality Control
QRQC phases

What is QRQC?

A structured approach to quickly answer to problems that occurs at our customer or internally, taking immediate countermeasures and analyzing to develop solutions that eliminate the recurrence of the problem.

QRQC Main benefits:

  1. Solve quickly and effectively problems, prevent occurrence.
  2. Develop in your team an attitude of reality based management & problem solving
  3. Use lessons learned for future projects to improve product and process quality.

Workshop objectives:

  1. Understand the San Gen Shugi attitude
  2. Explain the QRQC objectives, phases and tools
  3. Practical application of the QRQC method
  4. Understand how to implement the QRQC method in your plant
Quick Response Quality Control
QRQC - Approach Overview

QRQC is a reality based management philosophy, adopting the 3 reals attitude (real place, real part, real data) to analyze every problem.

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